Why Locations North?

Ten Ways We're Different, And How It Will Benefit YOU As An Agent

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  1. Won the A.E. LePage Brokerage of the Year Award prestigious 2016 ‘Ontario Brokerage Of The Year’
    Benefit: You’ll work for a brokerage recognized for its excellence.
  2. Was the region’s #1 brokerage from 2013-2020, setting MLS® sales records each year.
    Benefit: You’ll work with the recognized regional leader.
  3. Is the area’s most technologically-progressive brokerage and committed to keeping it that way.
    Benefit: We’re known for highly-effective and innovative service.
  4. Has the highest marketing budget of any area brokerage (over $200,000 annually).
    Benefit: We pull out the stops to help your personal marketing.
  5. Generates an average of 600 web leads/month, with a 6%-8% closing ratio.
    Benefit: We drive a lot of business your way.
  6. Is the region’s perennial luxury home sales leader.
    Benefit: High-end home buyers and sellers TRUST AND REFER US.
  7. Is the area’s most supportive brokerage, contributing $550,000+ from 2013-2020.
    Benefit: We’re very connected in our communities.
  8. Fosters a collegial environment — 75% of our Agents/Teams won awards in 2020.
    Benefit: You’ll be part of a TRUE – and very successful – TEAM.
  9. Provides you with monthly, in-depth Market Reports.
    Benefit: You’ll be better informed, more credible and market more effectively.
  10. Has a highly-experienced admin team with the latest brokerage technologies.
    Benefit: You’ll get first-rate admin service.


Locations North is growing and getting better in every way. Why not join us and leverage our expertise, resources and momentum.