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  • Alexandra Bennett

    Though I have only recently become apart of RLP Locations North, Collingwood it has been nothing but a fantastic experience since the start. Des, Jen, and the entire team have been welcoming and supportive making this a seamless transition. It is a true team environment where everyone surrounding you is there to give guidance. Being apart of a brokerage that is as hands-on, team/family-oriented as Locations North is can be difficult to come by and makes all the difference when it comes to having a career in Real Estate and meeting your goals.

    Alex Bennett
  • Ed Parkes

    I’m totally impressed with the wide range of Concierge Services provided by the Brokerage to support my business and always, in a timely and responsive manner.

    Specifically, helping me with new listings, photos and links, plus uploading Lone Wolf documents. I’m grateful for this added service provided by Locations North, as it allows me to maximize my selling time.

    Thanks Ed

    Ed Parkes
  • Tom Griggs

    Previous to real estate I had a very successful career in corporate sales. However, I have always worked in a team environment, so I did not know what to expect when transitioning into real estate. I am very grateful to have joined RLP Locations North, because although I officially work as an independent, the brokerage has provided me with significant and ongoing training, an excellent mentor, and a collegial environment for me to learn from and work with many of the best agents in our region, and these factors have allowed me to deliver strong results early on in my new career.

    Tom Griggs
  • Martha Whitton

    I moved to Locations North in January 2012 after being in the business for over 20 years. When I met with Des von Teichman he was in the process of closing on his purchase of the Collingwood office. Everything that Des said would be available to me in terms of support, resources and technology has been delivered. In fact, his commitment to deliver these services continues to exceed my expectations as Desmond never stops looking for ways to improve the Brokerage. Since I joined Royal LePage Locations North I have enjoyed more referrals from other Brokerages than ever before. The Royal LePage network is powerful.

    Martha Whitton
  • Doug Linton

    One of the great benefits of working at Locations North is the excellent support we get to improve our business through ongoing training and coaching, both in-house and through external providers to include Brian Buffini’s programs. Peak Producers is an excellent way to kick start your production using a systematic method of tried and true concepts that will transform your work into a meaningful, relational business.  Work by referral … live the good life!

    Doug Linton
  • Shelly Paul

    As a full time, experienced REALTOR, I joined Des’s Locations North brokerage well into my career. The level of ongoing education, leading edge technology tools, marketing muscle and celebrations for achieving milestones are like nothing I have ever seen at the other brokerages. The admin staff are brilliant and incredibly organized and efficient, always responsive and helpful. The entire team are truly amazing and I am excited to watch the changes reflected in my own business and income. Locations North is the perfect fit for anyone who is serious about their success.

    Shelly Paul
  • Karl Hannan

    As a new Registrant I have found the Ready Chat and Lead Assign programs are a great help to build my business. Starting with 0 business in the pipeline, Ready Chat has helped me fill my sales funnel and aides in motivating me to continue to build my business. The leads that come in are certainly “warm” and provide me another avenue for prospective business that requires little investment of time and money. In my 10 months with the Brokerage I have grossed over $20,000 in commissions directly from Ready Chat and Lead Assign.

    I signed on with “Locations North” for the support they would provide me in launching my Real Estate career. This is one example that I made the right choice.

    Karl Hannan